Web Planner and navigation waypoints - I want to avoid or delete them

Started by Graf Geo, February 01, 2022, 13:29:09

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Graf Geo

I'm still not happy with the Locus Web Planner.

I create a route with Web Planner and save it. Navigation instructions are always created, whether I want them or not. (I don't want them, I just want the pure route.) Then I synchronize with LM4.
When I open the route in LM4, the navigation waypoints are available. Depending on the length of the route, there can be a lot of them. I can delete them individually in the list (which is very tedious with 50 or more than 100 navigation waypoints), but not all at once.

As an workaround, I can export the route and deactivate the checkbox "include navigation prompts". When I import it again, there are no more navigation waypoints. Fine!
But: the shaping points created in Web Planner are also gone resp. reduced to 3 (start, destination and one exactly in the middle of the route.) This is of course bad if I want to edit the route in LM4 in the route planner. I then have to create the shaping points again to adjust the route.

Example: I plan a route with 10 waypoints in Webplanner (in Webplanner = waypoints, in LM4 = shaping points). I save it and synchronise.
In LM4 the route is displayed with 93 (!) navigation waypoints. When I open the route planner, the 10 shaping points are also displayed. If I export as described above and then import again, all 93 navigation waypoints are gone, but unfortunately only 3 shaping points are still available.

- I would like to be able to save the route in Web Planner without navigation instructions,
- or to be able to delete all navigation instructions at once in LM4/LMpro
- and keep the shaping points I have created myself.

(I know you can hide the display of navigation waypoints on the map in the LM4 settings. But this will not delete them).

It would be nice if that could be made possible.

In addition, it would be nice to be able to hide the walking and cycling routes in the web planner.
All reasons why I don't like to use the web planner and prefer to do route planning in the app.

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Andrew Heard

Are there any topics to vote/ support regards saving shaping points in GPX files. It's crazy that these valuable points are lost during export.
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