Contact with devices is lost after a pause

Started by freeflow, January 24, 2022, 18:33:36

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I do long distance cycling and use Locus maps for navigating my routes.  When I'm riding I have bluetooth sensors for heartrate, speed and cadence.  If I stop for a short while, e.g. to mend I puncture, or stop at a cafe and pause the recording, the connection with sensors is lost and I must manually restart them.

This has been a long term problem which was evident in the previous incarnation of Locus maps.

Am I doing something wrong or is this an issue that cannot be resolved?


Did you use stop or pause? With pause I have no issue with the connection with my Garmin FR235 for heart rate monitor.
Paused locus,
paused or stopped (both tested) the garmin
restart of the garmin
restart of locus, the heart rate is still there.
But in my case I use the ant connection.
Locus Map 4
Locus Map for Garmin
Locus Tasker


Apologies.  I should have said I'm using a smartphone with Android 11.  The loss of connection occurs if an autopause is sufficiently long, or if I manually pause the recording.


Hi, I see a major problem that sensors are not connected in case, they disconnect. A few days ago I've found one minor issue in connection on my devices as well and this one should be solved in the next app version. We are planning to release a new version in a week or two so give it a try and let me know.

Just to note: I talk about Locus Map 4 version. Locus Map Pro use old system where no changes were done.
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