Strange crashes

Started by durian, July 04, 2011, 22:42:10

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I had some strange crashes the last few days. It just happened again, and I saved (included here) the error and crash log.

It happened after importing 1012 POIs, looking around on the map, and pressing on exit. After the exit, the whole Android hanged, resulting in force-quit of Locus.

Before the crash (when I uploaded pois to the SD) I also saw that I got a directory called "null" on my SD, which contained al the Locus directories, (logs, data, etc), but empty. That must have happened in a previous crash.

I have been using both Forum test versions and pro versions, I have a feeling it started after I used one of the test versions - maybe I should deinstall them and only use Pro version? :)



Just saying, i have this directory too :D

It was created as I made some stress-tests. Should mean, i did as much as possible with locus feature.
- poi alarm
- track recording
- bluetooth gps
- quick switching between different maps
- park service
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