Automatic map loading v3 to v5?

Started by matedon, January 04, 2022, 21:19:31

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I have important v3 vector maps next to other, new version v5 country maps.

Automatic map loading works only with same type of offline vector maps. As far as I experienced.

Is it possible to enable auto switch between v3 and v5 maps?

It would be a feature request, but as a new forum user, i have no right to post there

Thank you!


I think this can be set in the settings. You can request new functions here.
But you have to register again.
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Hi, @freischneider, this is not correct. Both systems work completely independently and unfortunately, it is not simply possible to use both types at once. An alternative solution may be to use the "Map overlay" feature for one kind of map and a common base map for another. Anyway, the ideal solution we will look at this year, is to convert internal V3 based LoMaps to the new system.
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