idea + question for a (temporary) workaround for the data/geocaching crash issue

Started by bongo, December 30, 2021, 11:42:16

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with 3.56.5, it is still not possible for me to use the huge amount of html and images under data/geocaching on the external sd card.
therefore, i think about a workaround, but i'm not sure if all my assumptions are right or if my idea is prohibited by any android rules.

when i have all the html and images, i used to have under data/geocaching to a different folder, e.g. data/gcfiles, locus does not seem to be harmed by those files anymore, but for sure, i do not see a spoiler tab anymore when opening a waypoint.
- i assume that locus is still allowed to access all files under data/gcfiles as they are still in the private locus structure. right?

my idea is to add a link to the user notes section within gsak. so this link is then shown under the basic info tab when opening the waypoint in locus.
so i expect that, when selecting this link on the basic info tab, the html it points to should open. right?

so i need to know how i need to define the path to access a file, let's call it "gc11111.htm"
located in the folder "\Android\data\\files\Locus\data\gcfiles\html" of the external sd card.
how does such a link look like from within locus?

can this file then be shown within locus or does this open an external browser (which maybe has no access to the file in the locus private structure)?