Offline map help

Started by quadsinthemudd, December 20, 2021, 23:06:51

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I have used Locus for a few years now and have many osm maps saved to my phone. Since the new update I have no offline maps. I tried to create a Locus maps folder and moving som maps there. Locus does not recognize that there is a folder or the maps. When I try to add maps for offline use it just says drop them into that folder. I am using a S21 Ultra and a S20 Ultra with similar results.  Running Android 11. This just recently changed with the latest update. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


There is a beta version that overcomes the problem triggered by Google's Android 11 changes.
That is only for LM4.

If you have LM Pro, or if you have LM4 but want a stable version, go back to the respective Sept. version and avoid updates for the next few weeks. And have a look for news about next stable version.[]=old&s[]=version