Scoped Storage Difficulties

Started by Alan, December 13, 2021, 05:13:41

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Hello, I'm new to this forum but I've been using Locus Map Pro for quite some time. Besides the online maps, I create my own mbtile offline maps for bushwalking here in Australia using GDAL/QGIS.

Locus Map Pro has been working well on my Samsung A72 up until recently. Locus Map Pro has been updated to V3.56.3 which is moving towards/complies with Android "scoped storage". I understand it's all about greater security as enforced by Android/Google, particularly in Android 11 but I think Locus Map could possibly make my life easier in this new regimen (without breaking scoped storage).

I have my custom offline mbtile maps on the sdcard Android/data/ which is now very restricted (actually anything under Android/data is very restricted) due to the Android "scoped storage" policy. I've been using Cx File Explorer with it's SMB functionality to copy maps wirelessly from a shared PC folder (or server) to the above maps location. Whilst Cx File Explorer can still read the above maps location, it can't write to it anymore. I also tried the Android "Files" app & it can't reach the Android/data (& below) folder either. The only way available to me to access the sdcard Locus maps folder is via a usb cable connected to a PC. This method isn't always available to me e.g. when I'm out bushwalking and wishing to share a map (without mobile coverage dropbox etc).

Locus Maps Pro could make my life a whole easier if the "+" button on the Maps Manager then "External Maps"  would go to a built-in file manager instead of the message "Please copy them to /Locus/maps directory manually via the system file manager". Neither Cx File Explorer nor Android "Files" can access/write to the /Locus/maps folder so the message seems futile.

Would it be possible to have a built-in file manager for offline maps similar to the way the "Points Manager" (Data), "+" (Add), Import, "Select Source" & selecting "Device storage" works? From there, the built-in file manager could copy maps from e.g. the Documents folder to the Locus Maps scoped storage.

Perhaps someone else could suggest another way of moving/copyng maps in & out of scoped storage (without using a usb cable)?