Author Topic: Can LOCUS automatically generate contour lines? I think it should be.  (Read 1262 times)

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You can try these contours-only themes. Select an offline map as overlay, either a LoMap or one from OpenAndroMaps, and then select the appropriate Contours theme. You'll need to use srcatop, I think, as the blending type.
Direct links:

Can "Contours MF.xml" and "Contours LE.xml" be merged into one theme profile?
I have viewed their content, and there seems to have no obvious selective parameters.
However, LoMaps always shows only Contours LE, while OpenAndroMaps is only valid for Contours MF.

Why can two maps correspond to a Themes profile respectively, but there seems to be no parameters for identification two maps?

Many thanks!


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Lomaps and OAMaps identify themselves internally. The header of the theme States what type of map it is for. The two themes can't be combined AFAIK.

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