Topo map display problem

Started by Smrek, November 11, 2021, 19:17:34

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I'm new. I bought the Locus a few days ago.
I have a problem with the TOPO .img map
Locus reads but highlights names.
There is a way for this?

Viajero Perdido

Hi.  You said .img.  Is that a Garmin format map?

Locus' support for Garmin format is undocumented, I believe, and pretty basic.  I tried it years ago (I had many leftover Garmin maps), but quickly gave up in favour of OpenAndroMaps and/or Locus' own LoMaps.  Both are offline topo map families.

Have you tried either of those map sources?  You might be pleasantly surprised, and there are lots of theming options to tweak the appearance..


Hi, exactly as Viajero wrote.

In next version will be removed support for outdated so-called "SmartMaps" maps and to be true, I'm also heavily thinking about removing this "weird" support for Garmin IMG maps. Their benefit is far from being anything special like it was a few years ago.

So, give a try to any alternative vector maps!
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