hcLayers : first draft of a high contrast theme

Started by gauvins, October 30, 2021, 05:09:47

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I've just finished the first draft of a theme that I use on my e-ink phone. The xml and svg files are on gitHub https://github.com/gauvins2/mapThemes

Attached is a comparison of the stock Hike/Bike theme (left) and the hcLayers (right).


For which version of mapsforge is this theme?
I did´t get it to work with the V5 Maps. The theme is not shown in Locus.


Could anyone use this theme with the v5 maps?
I want to give it a try, for biking on sunny days.

Andrew Heard

Only works with older V4 LoMaps, not OAM V5 maps ;-(

Also theme > Validate > can't find file: /symbols/trainstation.svg

And although I could display a LoMap in B&W with this theme, LM4 now always crashes when opening the theme settings panel ;-( It became impossible to do anything else until I deleted /Locus/mapsVector/_themes/<hcThemes.zip>

I then copied symbols/_default.svg to trainstation.svg - Validate works, and LM4 no longer crashes.

@menion - one missing .svg shouldn't crash whole app?

Interesting - with every checkbox unticked, the map still shows plenty of (offline) POI, roads, and road names.
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