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Started by JohnCNA, October 21, 2021, 02:03:57

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So I took a jpg of a forest preserve map and then geocoded it in Google Earth.  Saved the place as a KMZ map.  This can be downloaded into a Garmin to show the trails and amenities in the forest preserve on the Garmin display.  I used to do this sometimes when the OSM maps do not show the trails in the preserve.

Since I only use Locus anymore for a few years now, I wanted to duplicate this in Locus.  I can import this same KMZ file into Locus and it shows up just fine on the Locus map screen, overlaid on the OSM map.  Perfect!  See the screenshots.

But when I restart Locus, it's gone and I have to import it again.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong with this process.  I tried the Screen Content /  Map Overlay option but it does not give the option to browse the files on my phone.  So how do I get these KMZ overlays to "stick" after importing?


Ah, I just stumbled on the 'Map Items' menu option and I can load them from a directory on my phone.  And they survive a restart now.

Leads to another question though.  I made a folder in Locus/KMZ.  When Locus does it's auto backups, will it back these up, since the folder is within the Locus folder?


Only certain files are saved in the Locus folder.
Unfortunately, Locus doesn't write anything about it in the manual.
Only settings and tracks / points (without attachments such as images and voice recordings) are saved.
I recommend doing an automatic backup of the Locus folder yourself. I use Foldersync and Drivesync here. The whole thing is backed up with WLAN in the cloud.
Additionally: Tracks are automatically exported to GDrive when they are saved. So I have it as a single gpx on the PC. With Locus they are only available as a database in the backup.
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