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Started by, October 08, 2021, 15:43:51

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I have a problem with localization, specifically with the polish language. Mostly i use Locus for drawing tracks. I use brouter with navigation commands. Then via Locus for Garmin I send track to Fenix device. For some reason waypoints and directions have names cut to only first 8 letters. Navigation commands in polish have long name so i don't know what next on my trip coz Fenix cut names.
Is there a way to edit labels for navigation commands by edit some of locus files? I can edit manually each navigation waypoints but this metchod i very inconveniont.

Jan Čapek

if I am not mistaken, Garmin can't show more than 8 chars in its native apps. But that is the limitation of Garmin.

If you use Connect IQ app like this - , you should get whole text, but support for Fenix 6 wasn't added to compatibility list as this was only my experimental app in old days. Not sure if there is some modern one from other dev.

Or you can get whole text via Locus Map for Garmin navigation streaming if you know what I mean.