Track recording when not moving

Started by Matje, August 29, 2021, 17:23:04

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Hello all readers.
Recently I recorded a track and afterwards I found out that the recording did not stop during our lunch break. It recorded a 3 km zig-zag pattern around that location. We were inside a building.
I read now about a setting: "Record only when moving". However I cannot find that setting.
Where can I specify the recording thresholds?

Graf Geo

Das ist normal, wenn in deinem Aufzeichnungsprofil ein geringer Distanzintervall eingestellt ist. Das GPS Signal springt immer einige Meter und dein Gerät denkt, es bewegt sich.
Probier es mit einem größeren Wert, z. B. 25 oder 50 m.
Ich habe bei "zu Fuß" eingestellt:
Distanzintervall 25 m,
Zeitintervall 10 s
Aufnahmebedingingung für Trackpunkte: Distanz UND Zeit.
Dann wird jede Pause korrekt registriert und kein Zickzack aufgenommen.


This is normal if you have a low distance interval set in your recording profile. The GPS signal always jumps a few metres and your device thinks it is moving.

Try a larger value, e.g. 25 or 50 m.
I have set "walking" to:
Distance interval 25 m,
Time interval 10 s
Recording condition for track points: Distance AND time.

Then every pause is registered correctly and no zigzag is recorded.


Thanks Graf Geo!
That is what I was looking for.
No idea why it was set at 5 meter and 5 seconds.


Even with the higher interval setting you might still get zigzags when you are in a building, as the GPS signal can be very poor inside. So you might find that pausing your recording when inside a building will give you the best result.
The only problem is that it's really easy to forget to turn it back on when you leave the building...