Sync with gmail and re-routing

Started by bbairagee, June 28, 2011, 10:14:01

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Hi! It will be nice if we can sync with Google email and backup our gpx files with a label or if we can export tracks to gmail. Also it will be very helpful if we have a option to correct and re-route saved tracks (drawn). At this moment we have to delete whole track and re-draw again if you need to change part of the route once saved. Thanks.



I would be nice to have a quick way to import and export tracks in as much automatic way as possible, for example via GMail sending/receiving a track. Perhaps interacting with Google MyTracks application to store tracks in the cloud?
Or automatically sending a mail with the last track recorded?


Have you both tried GPSies? ;)
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Looks interesting, thanks!



since version 1.9.3, you can DELETE point on saved route. Not change but delete. It should be useful when you want to correct some saved track.

and as berkley said, I also suggest GPSies. Great site for some track editing directly supported from Locus

and exporting to GMail is there also by "sharing" button on export dialog
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