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Started by fricek, December 27, 2010, 10:14:42

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is it neccessary to initialize maps after every Locus update ?

I have downloaded 2GB map on my SD card, initialization takes cca. 10 minutes, it is OK, but whenever new Locus update appears (it is quite frequently - thats amazing), I download the update and then I have to wait 10 minutes (sometimes the app crashes and I have to wait 10 minutes again) - Every update means 10 minutes waiting ... Is it neccessary if the update fixes e.g. menu options or somethnig which is not related to maps ?

(maybe add global variable e.g. INIT_MAPS_AFTER_UPDATE as binary and if new update doesnt need initialization it would be FALSE) ...

Thank You


  it's weird, because every map is testing if it was changed during last run and if was, only then new initialization is starting. It do not depend on application updates! Hmm, so I'll have to look on it closer, but this have not to do!

  I understand that 2GB of maps takes too long to initialize, so please look if new update do same thing. If so, we'll have to do something with it :)
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