Navigation along a route vs Guidance Along a Route

Started by GusGF, July 28, 2021, 15:18:56

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First of all I've read 'Guidance Along a Route' and it states:
QuoteYou are guided to the first point of the route, then to the second etc. It is useful e.g. for sailing, sea-kayaking, flying or crosscountry hiking when there are no roads for turn-by-turn navigation.
But then above and below this it has pictures of a town/city with roads and a route being followed??!   ::)

So what point is the author trying to make here because this is downright confusing?

I've recorded a route which I then want to cycle back on either immediately or at a later date. Either Nav or guidance will work but Nav along a route only offers reversely for offroad??? Whereas Guidance has a reversely option. So is Nav a route incapable of guiding if I want to go backwards on a route??

What should I use and why?