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« on: July 22, 2021, 19:03:09 »
There are 3 scenarios I've used "no-go", both using offline Lorouter or Brouter.
In all scenarios the "no-go" had 500 meters range and were active for all routing profiles.

1st. scenario
I plan a route and added some "no-go" areas; then made a recalculate and new route avoids "no-go" areas;

2nd. scenario
edit a saved route and put no-go;  then made a recalculate and new route avoids "no-go" areas;

3r. scenario (really was my first try and is the one more often happens in real life)
I have an old route I do all years, because it haves very beautiful scenarios, and this year one of the portions of the route has a gate with padlock; I putted a permanent "no-go" with 500 meters range, to prevent re-directions to points of track inside that property. Made "recalculate" the route and also go to the nearest point of the route, but nothing happens. Continues routing through the no-go area.

I used both Lorouter offline and Brouter offline, because 80% of the area I use to go off-road has no cell signal, only satellite (gps), so can't use online routers to test.

So I ask for help in the 3rd. scenario above, that is common when doing offroad 4x4.

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