Import points from gpx not working correctly?

Started by Matje, July 20, 2021, 14:46:39

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On importing tracks with points in a gpx-file there is a checkbox "merge points and track".
That is very useful in managing points.
However that checkbox does not appear with every gpx-file.
I have gpx-files that do not show this checkbox at import. Although there are points in it.
The points are also imported, but I can not merge them with the tracks.
Is that a bug?
Am I missing something?


Hi, this option appears only in the case of a single track and multiple points in a single GPX file. Is there only a single track inside?
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Thank you for the quick reply!
Yes that explains the issue. There are indeed several tracks inside the affected file!
I realize now that merging the points would imply that the points should be assigned to one of these tracks. I would prefer they were assigned at a random track, rather than at none. So then I can still use the function, namely to avoid that my screen clogs with waypoints from tracks that I no longer use.
And shouldn't this detail be mentioned in the manual?
Nevertheless I am a happy user of Locus Map.

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