Update to Android 11 yes or no ?

Started by balloni55, July 09, 2021, 14:09:27

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Question for the development team and all users who already use Android 11

For my Samsung XCover 4S the rollout for A11 is available next month via update, should I allow the update or block the system updates forever?

I have both LM-Pro and LM4 installed on the internal memory card.
On the external SD are all maps and strm data stored.
From another app files are saved to locus/mapItems.

- are there any restrictions after the update ?
- is there anything that needs to be changed in the folder structure ?


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Well, I was forced to Android 11 on my Moto g8.
For me the main problem with the 11 is, (This does not concern Locus only) that if your Smartphone, is not rooted, you have no access to the directory SDcard/Android/.  I know now file explorer able to see this directory only if you put the SD car in a card reader on the PC.
With Android 11
I found I way to go back to Android 11, but have now daily the annoying reminders to update.
I spent a lot of time to root the device, but without success.
Please see too:

As I remember, you may now select for Locus as directory on SDCard: SDcard/Locus instead of SDCard/Android/Data/menion.....



I use LM4 on my S10 with A11 since some time ... and definitely no problems. 👍

I deinstalled LM pro some time ago ... wether it was working with A11 I can't say.



It was NEVER a good idea to use Android/Data/menion..... - neither on internal nor external SD.
Only recently someone uninstalled Locus - without a current backup ...

I am using LMP and LM4 on A11 (Samsung flavor) without hassle.
But we have to see what the Google enforcement of the new API level (Sept. 2021) will bring.
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Locus 4 & Pro both running ok in Android 11 on 2 devices. Never used SD card for maps (read/write performance & errors in SD happen not only with other people); Important information: never in SD card, except for music & video, apps backup, exchange with computers etc.; Internal memory\Locus is my preferred and hassle free. So I prefer devices with at least 128 Gb internal memory (64 is also good if not with massive maps).


Thanks all for your feedback
last week my device was updated to A11
today i used LM4 first time for track recording and geocachingafter this update.
For now all worked as usual ;D
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