WMS GetFeatureInfo error on User/PW protected WMS Layer

Started by zmagyar77, July 06, 2021, 13:57:59

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Dear Developers,

After last update of Locus Map Pro, and Locus 4, WMS getFeatureInfo does not work on user/pw protected WMS layer. As anonymous user, it works. So please make getFeatureInfo function available again, because our Users can not see the info of the feature! It is also the same issue in Locus 4 app.

See the attached pdf file!
Please help to solve this issue!

Zsolt Magyar


Hello Zsolt,
thank you for the precise bug report. I do not have a service for tests, but most probably see a place where this issue happend. It should be fixed in the next version. The planned release is the second half of July.

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