Locus Map Gold is too dark

Started by Wole, June 12, 2021, 16:08:19

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In case, the app is in the light mode, it uses exactly identical theme like Locus Map Pro. The only change is a modification of few colors, but nothing more. So you may try to switch the app into a light theme if it has any effect.
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Good idea ... I'll check it when sun is coming back (could last a little bit this summer 🙄)

Since the sun was shining today and my vacation is starting, I found some time to test the whole thing in the sunlight.
Unfortunately, the switch to "light" did not help.
Locus Map 4 simply darkens after a while.
Then I had the idea to install an "autobright" app to at least see the brightness values.
After my familiarization and setting up the app, I saw that you can use it to completely regulate the brightness. my hope was that with this app I could bring the brightness to 100% even in sunlight. Unfortunately, even after this app completely took over control of the brightness, lm4 darkened again after a short time. although the brightness is displayed at 100%.


Thank you for your efforts, I had already done exactly these tests. I had installed "Light Control" as the app.
Again, this app is unable to force LM 4 to stay light. But it works with other apps.
In one of my previous posts I said that I wanted to test my daughter-in-law's S 20. Here too, LM 4 darkens.

I am annoyed that some USERS say it is only due to my devices. I claim that if everyone were to test under the same conditions, the problem generally exists with LM 4, otherwise it would be absolutely unlikely that only I would have the problem with the S 6, S 8, S 10, S 20 and S 21 and the Xcover pro even twice (because I replaced the device).

However, I accept that Menion cannot understand the error in the app.

I am now sticking to LM 3 and, as I have already said, I will wait and see if there is anything new on this topic.
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So that the problem will not forget. Compared twice Note9 with identical setting. Cloned by Backup.
Left LMPro - Right LM4. If possible also identically set. There is a clear gray fog on the LM4.
The device with LM4 is also clearly warmer and the battery faster empty than that with LMP.


I am currently playing Android 12 on my Samsung S 21 Ultra 5G.

Hopefully it is now possible to use Locus map 4 on the device.

However, due to the position of the sun, real statements will probably only be possible next summer.


Now I have Android 12 on my Samsung S20 FE 5G.
It was marked as not optimized.

No improvement. Same problem. Too bad.

Really very sadly that the problem still exists ...

Meanwhile I'm back to the september version of LM pro ... although I have an abo of LM4.


Once again my hope that the problem could be solved by the new Android version is destroyed.

What really annoys me is that the developer, who is ultimately responsible for solving the problem, seems to have given up trying to find a solution to the problem.

Since the problem appears to occur with all Samsung devices, I would have expected at least a hint when buying it. So every Samsung owner, unless following this post, is buying software that is basically useless in full sunlight.

First of all, I canceled my subscription to the gold version and will stay with Locus Map pro (hoping that a new version will not make things worse here either).

So that there are no misunderstandings: I still consider the app to be the best I've had so far. That's why my disappointment is all the greater.


Has something changed about the brightness problems? Today I had the impression that it's not quite so blatant anymore.



hank you for the answer. I will try your suggestion. I worked with "System" till tomorrow.แทงบอลขั้นต่ำ10บาท


Hello everyone,

at first, sorry about my bad English.

I have this problem too.
Is there a solution to this problem?

Some time ago I switched from Locus Map 3 Classic to Locus 4 Silver.
With Locus 3 bright display, everything top. With Locus 4 the display darkens after a short time, almost to the point of being unreadable.
The error occurs on a Samsung S10 as well as on Samsung S20 and Samsung A52s.
With my Doogee S96 with Locus 4, the basic brightness of the display is unfortunately too weak to be able to judge the effect.
But rather not, the display looks just as bright (better say dark) as with Locus 3.

Unfortunately Locus 4 is not usable for me on the bike and I will stay with Locus 3, check from time to time whether the error is gone.

Happy (with Locus 3 Classic)


I guess I'll have to bury my hopes after further attempts over the weekend.

Since the developer apparently no longer tries to find the error, I can only say for myself that Samsung devices are unsuitable for LM 4 (or vice versa). Probably too few use the exotic make?????

Only LM 3 runs satisfactorily on these devices. I've pointed out before that it should be officially pointed out for the sake of fairness, but even that doesn't happen, too bad.


I have no solution ,
but I can confirm this issue on my Samsung A52s.