Tack Overview displays always LoMap

Started by Graf Geo, June 09, 2021, 17:44:59

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Graf Geo

Hello, I like to use the "Tack Overview" function to share routes or tracks.

Until recently, the map activated in Locus was displayed in the generated screen shot.

Now the LoMap is always used for the Tack Overview, regardless of which map is activated in Locus (OAM, Satellite, etc.) This is bad because the LoMap is too colourful and unclear for this purpose.
Can this be changed?

LM 4.1.1 Gold

Viajero Perdido

I've noticed that.  Also, there's no slope shading, nor waypoints..

This is closer to the solution I need for sharing a proposed hike with friends.  In the past I've just taken a screenshot of the Route Planner (beautiful map with elevation profile expanded), then had to explain, "ignore the pink dotted line and crosshair."


Hi guys,
logic how Locus Map select the appropriate map for this "Track preview" was wrote by me in 05/2019 and nothing changes since then.

App firstly tries to find a V3 vector map and if there is not ideal coverage, it searches for a V4 map. So most probably, you now have downloaded LoMap and it has a higher priority.


I've just made a small update so let me know if it make sense and works in the next version. App will now also check what map is currently active and if this map will be vector and will have valid coverage, it will be preferred even if there will be another usable LoMap map. The advantage is that you should get a preview with an OAM map or other vector maps. Dissadvantage is that result won't be reliable > you can't be 100% sure which map will be used.
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Viajero Perdido

That change will help, thanks.

It might reactivate an earlier behaviour that I couldn't reproduce yesterday.  It used the selected map, good, but with a different theme, one that happened to be the first in the list.  (I could always rename my favourite as aaaElevate. ;D )

Graf Geo

Hi Menion, you're right, I have downladed some LoMaps. So actually these maps have priority, ok, I understand.

Update sounds good. So with the next version I should have track previews with OAM because I have downladed them for all regions of my interest (OAM V4 maps).

Thanks for your support!