Keeps resetting to present location

Started by seandarcy, December 26, 2010, 05:13:13

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Using 0.8.1. Great app. Absolutely spectacular. But,

I want to download maps for a location where I'm going next week. When I center the screen over the new location, if I adjust the screen  - zoom in or out - the screen almost always resets to my present location. This makes it very hard to download maps for the location I will be visiting. Is there any way to reset the "default" position?



Hi Seam,
  it's not for the first time I see that users have problems with uderstanding of three bottom buttons. First button is for map centering, as described here. It center map after 5 seconds. So if you need to move to another location, just disable first bottom button (centering). Hope this helps!
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