LM4 Web Planner - remove a created route from the library

Started by pix, May 17, 2021, 08:38:37

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Hello Locus Team,

I use LM4 Gold and have just created a route in Locus Map Web Planner and saved this one in a folder in "My Library".
Works perfectly.

My question:
How can I delete this route from the folder again?

There are the buttons "Edit, Share Export" but remove?

Thanks for your help

Locus Map Classic  3.7x

Graf Geo

This is not (yet) possible in Webpaner. After synchronisation you can delete the route in the app, and after re-synchronisation it will also be gone from the library in Webpaner.
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@Graf Geo
Thanks for your fast response.

I have already supposed it but was not completely sure.
Would be nice when this feature could be implemented in the future

Locus Map Classic  3.7x


here you can follow everything. Soon there should be an area where you can see what should come next.

Here you will find all suggestions, errors, and questions about the web planner. Please vote for suggestions of interest
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Jan Čapek

Hi, thanks guys for your answers! Yes, for now it is not possible to delete track on web planner. :o We are working hard to bring missing features (there are another obvious like this still missing) to our web portal, so hopefully it will be available in next few weeks. Until then, you can delete the route on your Locus Map app in your android.

Thanks for your patience!