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Started by AWo, April 25, 2021, 10:25:00

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is there a way to check which offline LoRouter routing data (areas covered) is available offline? To be able to check if I need to plan routes while I still have WiFi and any kind of connection.


Viajero Perdido

I don't think so.

But...  When you have WiFi and are planning, you could visit the LoMap download pages in the store for all regions of interest, and force a routing download there.  Then possibly force an update of all routing data in the LoRouter setup area.

In my case, that's 3 Canadian provinces.  For someone else, it might be all of Europe.  This workaround might be reasonable unless you'll be planning worldwide travels without knowing the countries in advance.  :)
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Hi guys,
as Viajero wrote.
I consider this as a feature that should be implemented in the app (overview of what is download and option to delete un-needed segments), but is not critical for now.
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