Theming custom offline maps

Started by coldy7, April 23, 2021, 17:50:45

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I would like to define a custom theme for my offline map. The offline map is in MapsForge format and was generated by me with osmosis.

What I tried:
I added my .map file to the Locus\mapsVector folder and I added my custom theme folder to Locus\mapsVector\_themes . I then activated my map in the android app and expected that my custom theme would be selectable, but that's not the case.
I also have a Freizeitkarte map file in my mapsVector folder and my custom theme is selectable for the Freizeitkarte map. So my custom theme should be valid.


Hello coldy7,
it depends on the versions. What is the version of your map? You may see it in the detail of the map in the map manager. For V4 maps, you need a theme in version 4+.
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