elevation data won't download after connection opened

Started by Andrew Heard, April 11, 2021, 05:08:40

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Andrew Heard

I received a notification I regards missing elevation data, which was correct. After I enabled Wifi I was still getting an error "No internet connection" - but this wasn't correct - other apps were happy with Wifi. Restarting Locus fixed the problem. It appears that if the connection isn't already open at the point of starting the download then Locus doesn't realize when the connection is subsequently made.

As well as this, half way thru downloading about 50 HGT files there was a 2nd (once-off) error "Bad gateway, code 502". Also note the garbled characters preceding the error code in the screen shot. After tapping the refresh icon, the remainder of the HGT files were downloaded.

I'm pretty sure this wasn't a comms issue on my end.
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