Locus Map 4 - Edit Navigation Dashboard

Started by K0nsch, April 08, 2021, 16:07:42

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first of all I would like to say that I really like the new Locus and I can't wait to get on tour with it.

With the new Locus there comes a clean screen at the top, which I like. But I still cannot edit the navigation Dashboard. So when I get on navigation the top of the screen is used by two tiles which I would like to disable, so the space can be used by my own Dashboard.

Is there a chance to do this with Locus Map 4?

Thanks in advance,


LMC 3.70.1 AFA
Locus Map 4.20.0 Gold AFA
LMC User ID c8b19276f
LM4 User ID e06d572d4


False hope, sorry. What I created in the latest version is removing the GUIDANCE panel (guidance along the line) not a NAVIGATION panel. Anyway, it makes sense so if I do not forget, I'll try to add this option to the next version...
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Thank you very much Menion, that would be great  :)