navigation voice commands problem

Started by bboris50, March 29, 2021, 23:15:23

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LMpro 3.51.1: I activated speech synthesis on a route to follow but no sound, no voice indication !
Anyone have any idea how to fix this loophole ?
Thanks for answer

Viajero Perdido

Hi.  Occasionally it stops speaking for me too.  I keep notes in my phone to remind me how to make it work again:
QuoteLocus hangs at Settings / Language / Text-to-speech, dialog doesn't appear.  Go to system settings, Accessibility, scroll down, Text-to-speech.  "Text to speech correctly set" from Locus in background as system dialog comes up.  (If not, set preferred=Ivona TTS HQ, System lang.)
(Ivona is the TTS I have installed.)

Also worth czeching: is the language suddenly set to a language you didn't expect?