Locus crashes when making waypoint

Started by roelofdebeer, March 23, 2021, 17:49:57

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I updated my Locus Pro app to 3.51.0 on my Samsung Tab Active2 SM-T395 (Android 9 installed).

Since updating, when I create a waypoint, I get the screen where I can edit the wapoint. When I save, Locus stops and the tablets says somthing like "Locus stops all the time"...

After restarting the app, the point is saved in the database.

With the button 'quick add point" this problem doesn't happen.

What's the problem??



Viajero Perdido

Does Locus use WebView for this?

Google screwed up big-time yesterday.  They pushed an update of this Android system component that caused all sorts of apps to crash repeatedly.

Try updating your apps, or at least WebView and Chrome.  The problem might go away.

I experienced this when I went to bed last night (three apps, but not Locus).  I figured I'd deal with it in the morning.  When I searched for crashes-all-the-time the next morning, the internet was full of news about it.


Sorry for this big issue.

It's been already reported here: .

The fixed version is already uploaded since Monday on Google Play, but we still wait for approval. In mentioned topic is at least APK for download and manual install. Sorry for the trouble!
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