[Theme] "Outdoor" and "Desert" theme, UPDATE and legend!

Started by bm.ffb, March 15, 2021, 18:44:00

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To the Locus and OpenAndroMaps community,

I have generated big updates for my OpenAndroMaps Locus themes. The new themes "Outdoor" and "Desert" will replace all my previous themes (outdoor, desert, navigation, outdoorV4, desertV4).
The themes got many new features, improvements and corrections. You will find more details on my website www.maiwolf.de/locus/ [in German]. There is now also an online legend for the themes as well as a PDF download version of the legend.

Always download the newest version on: www.maiwolf.de/locus/

I am happy for any comments, suggestions and ideas. I will try to constantly improve the themes in the future.


Viajero Perdido

Hi.  First impression: I like the looks, however...

It drives Locus mad.  Even when a different theme is selected, Locus continually flashes: "Whoops ... invalid render theme version: 5".  This is with Locus Map Pro 3.51.0, an OAM V4 map, and the themes downloaded from your website, not this thread.  Before loading the themes, I deleted the four folders from earlier versions.

The problem seems to be in Outdoor.  When I deleted that folder, Locus worked normally again and I was able to use Desert.

EDIT: The problem went away!  I copied Outdoor to my tablet again, and this time it's working perfectly.  Strange.

EDIT: The problem is back, after Locus upgraded to 3.51.1.  I had to remove the two folders from the _themes directory.  I can't use an app that tries to induce an epileptic seizure with a flashing message that won't stop, complaining about a theme that's not even in use!  This seems to be a Locus problem.  (If it only affects me, I can live with it.)


It might help to clean temporary data in Locus (in settings > various). Some time ago I had the same problem. The new theme name is quite similar to the old name and Locus keeps the name in some not obvious storage place.
In my case, I even downloaded and installed Locus freshly. But I can assure you, that it is not a problem of the theme. I have theme running on several devices without any problem.

Viajero Perdido

Whoops, I didn't notice your reply, sorry.

You're right, it must've been something funny in Locus.  Since then I've upgraded to LM4 and reinstalled the themes, and it all works wonderfully!  Sorry for the false alarm.

Of the two, I particularly like the Outdoor theme, was using it with no problems on the phone, and am now glad to have it on the tablet too.

Thanks!   8)

PS, I humbly suggest these themes be added to the Locus Store.