Automatic track hiding.

Started by WujTom, January 05, 2021, 15:29:04

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Would it be possible for the trace to be automatically hidden after the registration is completed?
I use Locus every day to record all my rides, mostly a home-work-home route.
Now I have to click hide the tracks from the "recorded" directory every time.
It would be nice to be able to set them to automatically hide after recording the track, of course during the recording I want to see it;)


I discussed a similar request with Menion 2 months ago. So that you can specify per folder (groups) so that all tracks are hidden when you exit. That would work in your case too.
He plans to rewrite the whole track and point management. But at the moment there is no time for that. First LM4 and the web planner have to be finished. But I think in the course of the year.

You can vote for it here
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Thanks, I knew this option.
I hope that when you deal with 4 and www, you will find time for such helpful poultry. Fingers crossed.