World map at low zooms

Started by john_percy, December 24, 2020, 12:15:09

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If I remember correctly, world map at low zooms used to be an option for vector (offline) maps only. Now it applies to all maps.
I want to be able to display overlays such as weather at low zooms. To do this currently I have to turn off the world map display for all types of map.
Ideally I would like to turn on or off the world map display for vector maps, raster maps and overlays separately - and even be able to set the zoom at which it switches. Maybe that's asking too much and I would be more than happy to just allow overlays to appear over the world map.

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And it might be cool to have the world map in the Presets, too :-)


Hi guys, @ta-ka brought this topic back to life ...

So how to solve it. I'm not a fan of creating some complex setup here to be true. On the second side, I fully agree that almost all online maps have full coverage and it is not necessary to switch to a world map.

So what about using a "world map" only for offline maps (again)? Does it solve it? Hmm, what was the reason it started to work for online as well  ??? I've bad memory here ...
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Even as a "master" of world maps I do not recall the reason for applying them to non-vector maps, tbh.
I agree with John and Menion that the original motivation for the world maps (crappy vector rendering at low zooms) should be the very reason to restrict them to those.
When you touch the related code - again, Menion, you might find an easy way to avoid vector rendering at all, if opacity for the world map is 100% ... Currently vector maps are drawn first, then the world map is applied on top. "100% overlay means no need for the alternate rendering" also applies to the other overlay feature, too, btw.
So far my 2c ...
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My opinion is that the world map should be applied only for vector maps. It's not necessary for online raster maps, offline raster maps and blank maps.