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Started by Menion, December 22, 2020, 12:20:09

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Quote from: Menion on March 17, 2021, 12:21:41
Hi Menion, I see such as well on my S10, with both, Android 10 and now 11. Randomly, though, and only with LM4. Not a big harm, though :-)
What is making me nervous is the file ops performance of Locus on Android 11. Once the Google >>API level exception runs out in Sept that may ruin the user experience. Couldn't you argue that Locus has needs like a file manager? Good luck!

I do not directly blame Samsung here. Btw. are you using official ROM? It looks more like a problem in the app. I just do not have a single idea how this may happen. Because you are still suffering by some random crashes and app dying, it will most probably be connected to this.

Still, no other user reported these problems. Any log or description does not help here. The app is close to release so sorry, I'll have to wait two/three weeks if more people write about this. If not, I have currently no idea how to solve this issue ... and if yes, my Pixel2 is close to replacing it, so Samsung, because of many problems that Samsung devices have, is a good adept.


Quote from: Menion on March 17, 2021, 12:21:41
maps in presets > well, it still does not make perfect sense to me. Maps are content, like points and tracks

But maps are also an essential part of how the reality is displayed. Presets are used for how the reality is displayed. IMO, hence, a crucial part, the (online) maps, is missing.
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Hi guys,
so the version is uploaded on Google Play and waits for some validation process. After that, it will be available as the final version over the Beta test channel, same as Locus Map Free before.

Unsolved topics from last discussion(s):
- accidental long clicks
- crashes on Samsung A11+ devices
- maps as a part of Presets

Final pre-release topic for Locus Map 4:

Final release data is 30. 3. We firstly wanted 23. but rather wait a week and do some more tests & fixes.

I was also testing Promo codes, because I want to give most of you codes to use Gold for some time for free as a small thanks for your amazing help here, but I have some technical problems with it for now, so it will take a few days probably, sorry.
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