Route planner - direction points missing

Started by, December 08, 2020, 10:57:11

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Hello there

I have issue with direction points manually added (turn left, turn right, straight forward etc.). I mostly used manual drawing mode and I noticed that all shaping points which i set as direction points are wiped off when i save my plan. In etreme situation allpoints are deleted exept start and end point after saving plan.

For example take a look at screenshots. First i drew simple route using manual mode. Next I added turns where i want to have direction hints. The last one is after save my route. All points were deleted. I using routes like this to navigate on my Fenix watch. All routes are send using Locus map for Garmin addon. Fenix is able to show this direction points when arriving at it with icon and name.

I remember some time ago route planner did not behave like now...


thanks for the bug report. You are correct. In the case of manually drawn segments, navigation points were ignored and the whole segment was removed. I've found a reason for this issue, so it should be fixed in the next 3.50 version.
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