Dynamic zoom downloading maps

Started by jctmarques, June 16, 2011, 00:34:57

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Hi Menion,
I've been away from forum but using application every day. It's getting better and better for geocaching.
Saved me a lot of dnf's in places where 3G don't work.

I have 1 suggestion:
Can you add one more option for downloading offline maps, which will download with greater zoom around the visible POI's?
The user must draw a rectangle, just it is now in "selected area" option, but in zoom levels the user would select 2 zoom levels (min and max) and the system would download tiles with bigger zoom levels only around the cache zone.
That would make zoom levels with holes... I don't know if that's good in Locus.



Hi and welcome back :)

to be true, I do not fully understand. If I understand correctly, you want one full zoom level and one only around caches?
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