strange and too many announcements in the navigation

Started by deelite, November 15, 2020, 19:58:49

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Today I would like to talk about the topic of navigation announcements.

Basically I am of the opinion that even in the setting with the fewest announcements I get too many useless announcements. Very often the route only makes a slight bend and I get the message that I should turn right or left, although I can only follow the route without turning off. These announcements are completely useless in my eyes, especially since they are actually made permanently. I have attached a screenshot (Picture ...127, I was not really out of GPS point center, only a bit because I screenshotted while cycling).
Then again I come to forks in the road, for which no hints are given to me (Picture ...221).
This confuses me very much and I often curse the navigation with Locus Map.

Do you see a chance to improve this? Other apps are much more quiet and precise. But I do not want to use them.

As an alternative to the announcements I would also like to have the possibility to just give out a short beep that tells me that I have to look at the smartphone. Similar to what bicycle computers do.

I would be happy if this part could be improved in LM.

Best regards, Jan.


Hello Jan,
here depends on how the source route was created. It was planned with Locus Map Route planner feature? If not, may you give it a try?

Because if you use some imported GPX or previously recorded track, the app generates navigation commands based on the route shape, not a real situation. Then every possible turn is announced. Your second picture is probably somewhere really close to "what is and what isn't" announced.

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Okay, I understand that. I actually use imported tracks very often, which I usually plan with Komoot. Unfortunately I have to say that Graphhopper and BRouter send me very often over impassable paths in the profile "Bicycle". But maybe this is just a habit by now and I should plan the tracks with LM again to test them.

Thanks for the information!