Has use Motorola G8 anyone ?

Started by moshica, October 31, 2020, 12:33:52

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Hello Everyone,

I need replace my old Phone on new one. I try on buy Motorola G8 Power for use with Locus Pro and I have major question about compass.
Opinion are divided, that compass (e-compas with magnetometr) is in use, but some forums writes, that isn't impelemented in G8.
I need for automatic orientation in Locus map and set up automatic direction.
Has anyone this model and can confirm that Locus can automatic oriented map for direction of world ?
Thanks for supporting ...

Regards, Paul



I remember, that when I twice needed something similar for the test, I tried to install Locus Map Free in the showroom where the required device was available to play with :) ... not sure if it's doable in your country these days (covid restrictions).
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- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
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Hi Menion,

I asked about compass in Motorola G8, can You help me on this topic?


Yes, I use G8 Power
confirm hardware compass
works very nicely with locus pro
map rotates automatically
great phone for use with locus mainly because of huge battery

i can be track recording for hours....

even in normal daily work use i only get to 70% battery at end of day
ive had it go 5 days before needing to charge sometimes

there are 2 versions, the US version is called G power not G8 power, and doesnt have the telephoto lens
that version may not have compass
a lot of phone with cheaper mediatek CPU dont have compass.

Also the telephoto lens is great, while 8mp, is nifty

in the UK the G8 power can be had new for £150 ish from ebay when they have coupons


Thanx @Neoaliphant for long answer and feedback.