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Started by pix, August 30, 2020, 10:22:15

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Hi Locus community,

I need your help by the topic Locus Live Tracking.

I have subscribed the Live Tracking Premium feature in Locus store. Afterward I have created a group, added a couple of friends, shared the key with all of them for joining in the group, all that works fine.

At the Locus's Live Tracking website one can see all members of the group at first glance. That's perfect. On my smartphone I just can see my current position but not the position from all members of the group like at the Live Tracking website. On the smartphone I have to zoom out to see all members. That is a little bit cumbersome.

My questions:
1. Is there a option to see all members of the group on my screen's smartphone at first glance without zooming out by hand?

2. How can I delete the live chat history?

3. The Live chat give you the possibility to send coordinates from diverse places, you picked up from your display. But how can I delete the points from the map again? I haven't found any option.

Thanks so much for your help
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Hello pix,

nice to read that someone use our LT service.

To your questions:
1. web page do not know your current location so it simply display all users at once. This is currently not possible with Locus Map app directly.

2. Chat history is permanent in the group. So currently to clear this history, only solution is to create a new group.

3. In the detail of visible point(s), should be button "Hide". Please check it if I'm correct, thanks.
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Thanks for your response.

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Hi again,

I have another question to the Live Tracking.
In manual is written one can see the last 10 minutes of the movement history as dotted line on the screen of your smartphone.

Hm, I can't.
Does the feature need a special option for enabling?
What do I have to do in order to get the dotted line?

Locus Map Classic  3.7x

Henk van der Spek

You can see the other persons history, if he/she moves and if he/she has an update interval of less than 10  minutes.
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Thanks for your helpful response.

I suppose I have set the default update interval of 15min.

Means I am not able to see the movement history. I only works if the update interval less than 10 min.
Locus Map Classic  3.7x