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New release of world overview maps available
« on: August 27, 2020, 10:26:31 »
After some break there is an update available for the world overview maps (Settings -> Maps -> Advanced features -> Pre-load global map):

Release notes:

The melting in the Ant-/Arctic makes the research there ever more important. Their list is updated according to current Wikipedia information, now with the Arctic stations, too.

In doing so, I extended the map coverage for ZL 7 to 10 - <a href="#Legend"><b>see here</b></a>. The collapse of memory card prices more than compensates for the increase in map sizes :-)

Settlements, Ferries and Power Plants are based on the 5th of July 2020 OSM database information.

From this data base, hundreds of province capitals have also been added.

For the first time a world map in PNG format is offered; i.e. all information of all zoom levels is rendered in loss free PNG format. That quality comes at a price: nearly 6 GB for ZL 1 to 10. That makes sense (only) for exports or screenshots from high res. devices. (Release 1.1 of PNG only available from Aug. 28th..)

All other world maps up to ZL 10 are compressed to JPEG quality 70 for their highest zoom levels. The regional maps with ZL 11+ are coded with JPEG quality 60.
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