Vibrations to smartwatch?

Started by Joska, August 19, 2020, 12:06:06

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Lately my phone stays in my pocket more often, because I see a lot of information on the Smartwatch (Galaxy Active). When I have activated the guidance and want to be informed about leaving the route, a turn to the right or a turn to the left, the phone hums, but the clock remains silent.

Is it possible to "forward" this information to the Smartwatch? With Suggests to use the vibration patterns for turn-by-turn instructions, e.g. ...-- for left, --... for right, ... for straight ahead.
Is it possible?

Could that possibly be an issue?

Good evening, Jörg.

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I'd posted twice, once in german forum, but because of no response, I want to ask here


Hello Joska
development of the addons for watches is currently paused.
Reasons are because of the low priority of this task and also missing skilled developer(s) in our team that wants to do this :).
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- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
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Even if I had such a feature available for my Xiaomi MI band 4, I would still prefer the voice based on the BRouter hints, as it provides more information like the shape and the distance.

Vibrations could get easily confused with other sources of vibration events plus it may be challenging to remember which is which.

Note that the band allows to define vibration patterns, but for all events from a particular application, not distinguishing further, AFAIK. There could be option to implement in LocusMap hint notification messages, but except of hiking/walking, it would not be a wise idea for security reasons.


The information is recognized by the phone, the only feature, that is missed, is sending it to the phone.

Combining direction-hints to vibration patterns oder sounds is rudimetal implemented.

I think, it could be a very useful feature.

So, I'll wait.  :)