Author Topic: Download limit 10.000 tiles per day with openseamaps - app not satisfying  (Read 465 times)

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Hi @ developers,

I have purchased the Pro app for my Samsung Tablet today.
Idea is to use the offline maps on my boat for navigation with openseamap.
After 10.000 tiles the download stops and I need to wait to the other day.
Additionally it stops downloading with error code 2 about 15-20 times per download. So you need to look always if its still working.

The total map is about 70.000 needed for my holiday.
That means I need to wait at least 7 days for the download.

I am really disappointed now with that limit.
I tried another app, where the download worked within 30 min. It has not the same functionality like locus, but I have my map ready.

Please change the limit, otherwise I would like to get my money back and will deinstall the app.

Thank you >:(


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You could download the area you want as mbtiles, from e.g. here and integrate the files into LocusMap as described here


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And in general, Simonon, it is not Locus imposing tile limits. It is the license of the tiles provider.
And as a company, Locus/Asamm legally must not assist violating licenses - could be extremely costly!
Maybe the other App guys don't care...