Author Topic: Geotagged photos - IPTC data not shown when opend with Locus Pro  (Read 424 times)

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Hi there,

I am an very happy user of Locus Pro since many years! In the last one or two years the behaviour in one certain task changed. I didn't mind at this time, because I thought, that something within the Android Installation of my Smartphone got broken and it would be not because of Locus.

Yesterday I got my new Smartphone (Samsung A71) and when all was installed and done: The wrong behaviour is still there. So I think it might be a bug in Locus. Maybee you can help?

The situation:

I have a lot of geotagged photos I use inside of Locus Pro. The way I use them is: They show me interesting points near me. When I click on the small photo icon it opens this point with to tabs: "Allgemein" (german: general)) and "Anhang" (attachement). When I go to Anhang/Attachement and click on the description of the .jpg file it opens the file in my preferred Image Viewer (in my case F-Stop).

BUT: The image viewer is not able to show me the IPTC date. I use the IPTC field a lot to describe additional information for me in it.

The bug is:
1. one or two years ago it worked in Locus, that the image viewer was able to show the IPTC data fields. Somewhere something changed on the way...
When I use the same Image viewer to open the same image directly from the image viewer app (not via Locus) it is able to show the IPTC date correctly. I tried several different image viewers: all with the same  behaviours. So it seems, that what Locus is handing over to the Imageviewer software is not complete/correct in terms of IPTC data.

Possible solutions:

1. Fix the bug, so that it works as before

2. In Locus Pro: make an additional tab called "ITPC data" which shows all the IPTC data, the picture contains (all the data, please don't limit the amount of characters as some image viewers (not all) are doing. Some fields contain several lines of text in one field only...)

Thank you for your help!

as attachement on of my photos I use as a geotagged photo... It is geotagged for the german region of Hannover
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Will be discussed further on Locus helpdesk:
PR/support & UXW & copy, Locus team, Asamm Software, Prague