Screen locked with PIN when navigation

Started by deelite, July 07, 2020, 13:06:50

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OK fine...problem hopefully solved by these complex settings.

Well I must admit that I was a bit surprised by the nature of the original question and especially by the reference to the Komoot app and others.

Locus Pro (if allowed) IS Device Administrator.
So I assumed that Locus Pro users always use the practical Gesture control for manual display control. For a cyclist with gear mounted on the handlebars by a single wave, and for walking by a double wave. No PIN, even if set to display always on. I recently even had a small discussion about this subject with the Locus team to simplify the entire display setting, so I better keep quiet now ;-)

But first here another hidden treasure and secret by changing the config.cfg file setting.

By a (single) gesture wave set the display continuously ON (gesture wave action ON than has the highest priority). This until by a subsequent (single) wave you set the display back to OFF. The standard ON/OFF sequence is than continued, so steered by the navigation instructions and the auto display off time out setting.

Interesting mode, as when you are approaching complicated street patterns, you can leave the map activ for a while. When the difficult part is over then you just go back to normal by a next (single) Gesture Wave. Very usefull imo.

It concerns a setting in the config.cfg.  Change default setting 0 to 1.
With the current Locus version config.cfg you will find the item on line 204.

# Disable "Turn off if idle" when screen was turn on by gesture (default: false)
turn_on_screen_by_gesture_disable_auto_screen_off = 1

Close Locus then edit the config.cfg (notepad ++). Then restart Locus and ready.
Locus Pro Classic 3.70.5


So, I have now tested the navigation on several trips and I must say: it works perfectly!

Thank you very much!

In the course of this, I have also tried out the gesture control, as I did not think it was necessary until now. But actually it makes sense.

But unfortunately it does not work for me. Do I understand correctly that I simply have to wave 1 or 2 times over the smartphone to switch it off or on? But it does not work for me. Do I have to set anything else in my Smartphone?


The proximity Gesture sensor.
I have experiences with 2 (old) Samsung, 2 THL and a Xiamo Mi A2 Lite Phone.
On these phones the method was and is perfectly functional.
See a wave action in use in an old video recording here.
By very low memory Samsung Ace (gps use only).
No Google services nor play, no fingerprint, no PIN, no SIM.
Locus Free apk install and external gesture proximity app name DTSO.
There is not shown any display activation at turns because operating Locus Free !  Goto 48 sec for the first wave display OFF action.

Samsung S10.
I do read some phones have a very unsensitiv sensor, and the S10 sensor is one such a troublemaker. :-((
Locus Pro Classic 3.70.5

Now ... after two years 🙄 I finally found all my settings

Ohhh 🙄 this was a little bit to fast ... 😪

Changed my settings so android (should ) turn off the screen ...

Yesterday on the couch everything worked well ... today during my outdoor biking:
- startet recording and navigating along a route
- screen turned off after 30 seconds (as expected 👍)
- next navigation command turned screen on 👍
.... and it never turned off again🤔
Stopped navigating ... no change.
Stopped recording ... no change.

After 20 minutes I went back to my old settings ( LM turns off screen).
This works good ... the only problem which remains:
When I use LM and open another window/panel/screen like 'geocaching' a pin is asked.
Despite my device being connected with my 'trusted' bluetooth.🙄


I tested....The Android time out does turn the screen off. Android time out set for this test = 15 seconds.
Observe the turn alert display ON action, than the DIM action soon followed by total display OFF.
The typical Android time out sequence. By the screen recorder the dim is not optimally displayed. In real direct screen view is observable nicely. Compare with display OFF by Locus Pro: Is immediately without dim action.
All next turn alerts notice always the same sequence. (I did not record the turn instruction sound).
Need other app than the Locus active one ?  For example Geocaching app =  asks the PIN.

Settings: See picture. (login to the forum)
Locus Pro Classic 3.70.5

I tested....

Looks pretty good ... I'll check it with the next outdoor trip.

Need other app than
No I don't use the Geocaching App ... I meant the Locus build in functions.

Boaahh ... just did a couch test ... and:

My phone doesn't turn off when looking at the display. And at bike it's mounted in front of me ... maybe that caused the problem.🤔

I'll check it next time with 'smart stay - off' ...

And Ooops 🙄 ... today the field test shows me the real problem.
I have an app running only with car and bike ... and this prevents (since some time🤔) display to turn off.
That's it ... 😐



I want to get back to this statement:

QuoteGeneral rule: "The app that turns the display OFF must turn the display ON".

I find this behavior really annoying as I quite often change to other apps when locus is in navigation mode – think of taking photos, web-browsing, messengers, etc.

Since Android P there appears to be an alternative method for apps to lock the screen –

So it seems the rule above is not general anymore and I really would like to see the new method implemented in Locus. What do you think – is it worth to make a feature proposal for this?



thanks for the tip. Seems it should help. The method anyway needs some work because it used the so-called AccessibilityService, I've never used before.

Anyway, idea added to the to-do list, I'll look at it later.
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