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Tried searching the forum and read the Help pages, but couldn't find the ideal setting to solve my question.

First of all I'd like to say that Locus Map Pro is REALLY good tool for navigating and managing GPX files (routes/tracks). I've tested for 3 years with different phones and software (since I left my Garmin Zumo on the shelf) and I believe that Locus Maps is THE ONE! I am just one step from perfect happiness :)

My usecase:
I ride a motorcycle on small roads, using GPX tracks that I import to Locus. In Locus I click on the track and choose "Navigation Guidance". I have the app set up so that "Route Re-calculation" is set to "Route priority" and the "distance for recalculation" is 50m. Manual is also set to "Route priority".

This setup is giving me perfect instructions if my GPX track is well made and I manage to be on this track (exactly on the line). Sometimes when I cut a part of the track/route, it still continues the guidance quite quickly (it either recalculates right away or just starts again when I pass some certain point on the track/route).

Now my question:
When I decide to skip some bigger part of the track, at first it recalculates so that I would return back to the track and in the end it is left with a big question mark "?" and the guidance stops (I can see that it want's me to go back to the track where I left off). This is fine! But now when I get back on the line (track/route) at a later stage (having skipped some part of it), it wont' start the guidance again. The ONLY way I found that start the guidance again, is if I "stop navigation" and then click on the track I'm on and start the "navigation/guidance" again just as I did when I started the ride. "Route recalculation" seems to help when I'm not too much of the the track but when I have been riding several kilometers off track and then come back on the track, the "route recalculation" button does not help.

Maybe there is some setting that I need to change? I still would like to ride in route priority mode, I would just like to find a simple way to make it continue the guidance without taking off the gloves.

I have some bluetooth button on the handlebar and Tasker + Button mapper Pro software to automate whatever I need to click on the screen, so that it can be done from the handlebar by one click. But stopping the navigation and starting it again is not simple enough to do like that (with Tasker). I can use the "recalculate" button from the handlebar's Bluetooth controller easily (using Tasker), but this, as described, does not help at some point.

I see a few possible solutions:
  • Change the setting so that the manual "route re-calculation" button starts the guidance again even if I have skipped some parts of the track
  • Change the settings so that the Guidance starts again automatically right after I get back on track
  • Find a way to automate with Tasker so that it stops current navigation and starts it again on the same track that I am (but this seems not a stable solution)

Can you please point me to the right direction?

And again, Great software!
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