map-background for Multilingual v4 maps, e.g. Rheinland-pfalz

Started by karlchick, May 01, 2020, 23:53:46

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I've been testing out my partially completed  v4 theme and tried it with the ML v4 Rheinland-pfalz map. This map appears to behave differently from others I tried. On this map the map-background set in the rendertheme tag is used for most of the background.

This is not a major problem for most themes, except for my theme which relies on k="natural" v="nosea|land" being used to provide full coverage of land because the theme uses a darker background for the "night mode" card.

Attached are a couple of screenshots showing map-background set to #800000 and the other #f8f8f8 using my theme so far. However for night mode I need the background to be #373737.

I also tested map-background on OutdoorV4 and got the same results.

Anyone else spotted this on some maps?

Is there a way of varying the background on maps like these? or is the map-background setting always used. If this is the case, then I will have split my OS Map theme for v4 into two separate themes, one for day and one for night...
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No replies so far.. perhaps I should rephrase the question:

It looks to me that this specific map has no background layer/way for land, i.e. natural=nosea or natural=land.

Perhaps because it is land-locked area with no sea it didn't get generated into the map...?

Can I assume that all maps should have a 'way' that covers every single part of the map area?
If yes, then why:
   - have a map-background tag in the renderTheme rule
   - does it mean this specific map has an error and is missing a "background" land way?
If no:
   - This would mean that I really must split the OS Map theme into two, one a part for day and one for night (I'd prefer not too...)

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I think you need to ask on the OpenAndroMaps forum or wherever your v4 map came from.

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