vector maps

Started by jusc, June 09, 2011, 10:01:47

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Someone just pointed me to this: // Unlimited bandwidth, no caps, no additional bandwidth bills: // Given what other people charge, it's hard to believe you can get this sort of service at the offered prices. It's what they claim though.

The only possible issue is how much RAM you need. If you are intending to do the map conversion on the server then the base offering is not nearly good enough. Perhaps they could do a special server for you with more RAM, but everything else at minimum levels though.


nono, I invested to my home computer, so it's enough powerful to generate whole world after two days ... good enough ;)

I have some similar offer in czech so I'll check this. If there will be some constant (even slow) speed and unlimited bandwidth, this should be enough for me. Thanks guys for tips and info ;)
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