Started by mydevsky, October 25, 2019, 14:49:35

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Maybe someone could help to add maps from to Locus ? This is most accurate and detailed map of Lithuania.

This is old version  It has very good color scheme, but I think it's impossible to do something with it.

And there is new version    While zooming it has coordinates in URL, so maybe it's possible to add to Locus somehow?

The solution would help people using Locus in Lithuania while hiking, biking or offroading (as the map is more detailed compared to OSM, Google and others).


I dont know what´s so favourable in this maps compared with...
I was once in Paluse (19 Years ago). I have not found it on your map. On this map i found it immediately because of the national park boudaries on low zoomlevel. I think this is true for and LoMaps as well.


I don't want to argue with you, but believe me,  is significantly more detailed, much better than OSM based maps.

For example, jus compare how many trails you see in your example and here: 

When offroading - it really matters.

If anyone would help to add this map to Locus - I would be very grateful. (I think they are using ESRI/ArcGIS technology)


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I'd like to renew this topic, as is actually a very comprehensive service and provides the highest details available online for Lithuania.

I've read somewhere that Locus Map can have hard-coded WMTS maps, so maybe it would be possible for Lithuania too?

The server capabilities URL is this: