Guiding: Sound for "Beep on distance"

Started by Sebulba2k, June 03, 2011, 15:45:59

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at first, Thanks for this great Tool and the updates.
I often user the Guiding-Funktion to a Waypoint (Cache from c:geo), but the single beep does not always work and is to short to recognize it.

Can you make ist possible to change that Sound (e.g. select .wav or .mp3 from SD-Card) or let ist beep three times.



does not always work? I hope this works always :) anyway you're correct with sound loudness. I added new option in this settings
"Custom sounds on distance"
which play sound you select for 5 seconds. OK?
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this sounds good.
I'm looking forward to the implementation.



In first, Locus is awesome! Really.
In second, one is missing for me in geocache part, this is smart poi approach beeping. In fact, one beep is not enough, and continous noise is not too good either. What do You think about implementing 'dynamic rate of beeping' when approaching selected poi? This would give us sort of audio radar navigator, especially for geocaching. And especially on bike, when you have device in backpack.



would be great to have different sound files / loudness for different categories of poi's ... for example a very lound sound file for poi category "speed cams" with distance 2 km, and another sound file for example category "geocaches" within 500 m.

mfg Gesh