A couple of minor bugs with POIs

Started by rijackson741, June 02, 2011, 22:02:29

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1) If I edit a POI and change the category the POI icon changes to the new category icon. That's fine. If I then choose to override the category icon it shows the new icon in the editor. But when I exit the editor the icon I get is the new category icon. If I want to change the category and override the new category icon I have to edit the POI twice.

2). This might be more of a wish that a bug. If the icons for two POIs overlap, of course one must be on top. But if I hover on the one that is in the background it is not forced to be on top, so I can't see the icon. The text can also stay behind another icon too, which make it very hard to read! Could you force a POI icon that has the focus to be on top of all the others?